The Best Corded Stick Vacuums

The Best Corded Stick Vacuums

In modern times, a lot of homeowners opt to use a cordless vacuum, but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow that trend. While corded vacuums may not give you as much freedom, they do have their benefits and without a doubt have a place in the cleaning cupboards of homeowners all over the world. 

If you have been looking for a stick vacuum with a cord then you will have noticed that there are several options on the market. This can often leave you feeling confused over which is the best corded stick vacuum and in this guide, we are going to be introducing you to some of the best products. 

Why Do I Need A Corded Stick Vacuum?

A stick vacuum with a cord gives you the best of both worlds; you have something that is lightweight and easy to move with the benefit of continuous power. While a lot of people are now moving onto cordless vacuum cleaners, there are many who still swear by the power of the corded stick vacuum. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the benefits of using a stick vacuum with a cord. 

No Battery Draining

When you use a cordless vacuum, one of the biggest irks is that the battery only gives you so much cleaning power. This is great if you don’t need to do a full house clean or if you simply need the vacuum for spot cleaning. But when you have larger cleaning jobs to tackle, you need something that is going to keep going for as long as you need. 

A corded stick vacuum plugs directly into the mains electricity and will keep running until the job is done. 


Some of the older corded vacuum cleaners were extremely bulky and anyone would have found it difficult to move them around. Carrying them up the stairs was a thing of nightmares but modern appliances are much lighter. 

The idea of a stick vacuum is that it is easy to maneuver and if you need to carry it upstairs or into the car, it won’t weigh you down. 

What’s more, with a much more compact design and slim body, your stick vacuum with a cord will be able to reach areas that cumbersome canister vacuum cleaners would struggle with. If all of that wasn’t good enough then you might consider how easy a corded stick vacuum is to store. 

Unlike a cordless stick vacuum which may need a wall-mounted charger for storage, a corded stick vacuum can be put into a cupboard and won’t serve as an eyesore. 

What To Look For In A Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to choosing your new stick vacuum with a cord, there are lots of options on the market. Whether you want something super lightweight and easy to store or something with a greater capacity and intense power, there will be a model to suit you. Before we begin looking at some of the best corded stick vacuum cleaners, let’s take a look at what options you should consider. 


The power of your vacuum will determine how adept it is at collecting dust and debris. You should think about how much dirt your home accumulates and find a vacuum that is able to meet your needs. 

For example, if you have small children or pets, there is a chance that dirt will gather much more quickly. With animals, there is also the consideration of fur and pet dander so you may need to think about purchasing a vacuum that is specifically designed for pet owners. Often, these will feature a HEPA filter which is much better at picking up smaller particles and storing them safely inside the vacuum. 

You will typically see two figures when looking at corded stick vacuums. The first will be the power of the motor which will be given in watts or sometimes volts. The higher this number, the more get up and go the motor has. Additionally, you may see a kPA number, this refers to the suction power of the vacuum. Again, the higher this is, the better and more powerful the suction will be. 


The overall size of the stick vacuum with a cord will typically determine its capacity. After all, a tiny, compact stick vacuum simply wouldn’t have the space for a huge dust collection tank. Larger vacuum cleaners may be able to hold more dirt before you need to empty them. 

This isn’t a huge consideration unless you have some extremely large cleaning tasks. Most corded stick vacuums will have more than enough capacity for you to clean the entire house without stopping to empty the tank. But this is something that you should check, especially if you have a larger property or are looking for a vacuum for commercial use. 


As with most types of vacuum cleaner, corded stick vacuums will come with several accessories that make it easier to clean hard to reach areas. Typically, these will be things like extension wands and tapered attachments. 

Furthermore, many corded stick vacuums feature upholstery brushes and other tools that are ideal for detailed cleaning. Depending on your needs and what you intend to clean, you may need different accessories, so be sure to look at what you get with your purchase. 

If there aren’t accessories included, or you don’t get the ones you would like, there may be an option to purchase these separately as many companies sell them as extras or for replacement. 

Ease of Movement

The beauty of a stick vacuum with a cord is how easy it is to move. However, you need to be careful as there are models out there that are more challenging to move around. Much of this is based on the weight of the product and this is an important factor if you have mobility or strength issues. 

What’s more, some corded vacuums can be tricky to turn around corners so you want to make sure that the model you choose is designed to easily tackle twists and turns as you clean. 

Cord Length

Perhaps one of the most important things to think about when looking for your stick vacuum with a cord is how long the power cable is. Many people have turned to a cordless vacuum cleaners because they do not restrict you to a certain cleaning radius. 

However, there are a lot of stick vacuums with a cord out there whose power cable is long enough to reach a wide area. Again, this will depend on the size of the property you wish to clean. If you are also intending to run the vacuum outside to clean the car, then you may wish to consider whether this will require the use of an extension cord. 

Onson Vacuums

Now, you may be wondering why we at Onson Vacuums are praising the corded vacuum so much when we place most of our focus on cordless products. Well, there is a niche in the market for everything and while your corded vacuum cleaner will bring about a huge number of benefits, there may be times when a cordless vacuum cleaner is the better option.

For example, spot cleaning is much simpler with a cordless vacuum as you don’t have the hassle of plugging it in and then winding up the cord when you’re done. What’s more, a cordless model is much more lightweight and so may be better for people who have strength problems or might otherwise struggle with a heavy corded stick vacuum cleaner.

If you’re keen to make the most of both types of power then the excellent and affordable prices of the Onson range of cordless vacuum cleaners means that you could be the proud owner of both a corded and cordless model.


A lot of homeowners love the cordless vacuum cleaner but there are times that only a corded vacuum will do. They offer consistent power and come with a range of features that are easy to use. However, since we pride ourselves on bringing you some of the most competitive prices on the market, it isn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination that you might invest in one of each to meet all of your home cleaning needs.

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