Warranty Support

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ONCETOUCH assures you that ONCETOUCH will repair, replace or return the product within the warranty period and within the scope of warranty service, and restore the normal use function of the product for free within a reasonable time; Products outside the warranty and warranty coverage will be covered by a paid repair service in accordance with this service policy. This service policy provides paid repair services.

How to get warranty service

If you wish to submit warranty requirements in accordance with this service policy, please mail the products or accessories that require warranty to the after-sales service center for warranty service, detailed after-sales service process and after-sales service center information, please log in to the official website service support page or call customer service.


Important Tips

1. If you choose to return within 7 days without reason (excluding a sanitary product and products sold by third-party platforms), please first confirm that the product is not damaged, and the appearance is not scratches and bumps left in use. After the confirmation is completed, please return the goods, outer packaging, accessories, instructions and warranty card. After receiving the return, after verification, you can return and refund for 7 days without reason. The freight generated will be borne by you;
2. If your product is not subject to human failure and needs to be repaired, we will provide free maintenance service during the warranty period;
3. In order to ensure the timeliness of service and the safety of goods, please fill in the information clearly and accurately.
4. Non-human causes of goods return and repair services, our company will bear the courier costs.

Warranty service commitment

If your product (purchased or purchased separately) meets the warranty conditions, please mail the original or copy of the purchase invoice, the product or accessory that requires warranty to the after-sales service center for warranty service. If you are unable to provide valid evidence such as the original or photocopy of the invoice for the product or accessory, your product or accessory will be warranted against the results of the company’s warranty database.
Warranty, replacement restrictions (the following conditions do not apply to warranty and replacement terms)
1. The product is worn and worn normally.
2. Damage caused by human factors (including but not limited to: damage caused by falling, squeezing, collision, damage caused by liquid splashing, chemical corrosion, foreign matter entering the product).
3. Damage caused by improper use, maintenance and maintenance (including but not limited to: for abnormal use, damage caused by incorrect connection and test).
4. It has been dismantled or repaired by any person or enterprise other than the after-sales service center or authorized service center, or the attachment batch number has been removed, the altered tamper-evident sticker is damaged or illegible.
5. The product is out of warranty.
6. Damage caused by force majeure.

Register Your Product to Get Extended 6 Months Warranty

Only for ONCETOUCH newest products, including EV696 series, A10 series.