What Is The Best Mini Portable Vacuum Cleaner?

What Is The Best Mini Portable Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many reasons that you may need to invest in a mini portable vacuum cleaner. Getting into those hard to reach spots in the car, spot cleaning at home, or for your office. These compact appliances are something of a lifesaver. 

However, finding the right mini portable vacuum cleaner may be a little challenging. There are so many different products on the market that it can quickly become confusing. But never fear! We have taken the time to research and test out portable vacuums so that you don’t have to!

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and take a look at our guide to buying the best portable vacuum!

Reasons To Use A Portable Vacuum

When it comes to versatility, you won’t find much else in your cleaning arsenal that is quite as effective as the portable vacuum cleaner. Yes, your full-sized appliance is magic when it comes to cleaning the entire house but when you are faced with smaller tasks, is there really any need to pull out the big guns? We think not!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things your mini portable vacuum cleaner can do. 

  • If you have pets, then your large vacuum cleaner may not be quite as adept as sucking up excess pet hair. Many portable models are designed to get into those hard to reach places and will make light work of getting the last remaining bits of fur and pet dander. 
  • Whether you have pets or not, there is still a very significant chance that allergens will build up in the home. Not only do these end up on the floors and in upholstery but they can end up in cracks and crevices that your larger vacuum may not be able to reach, especially if it doesn’t have the correct attachments. However, a portable, handheld vacuum will easily get into these gaps and remove allergens, leaving your home fresh and clean as well as improving your health. 
  • Cleaning the car used to be the stuff of nightmares. Dragging a hefty corded vacuum outdoors, extension cables running all over the place and trying to get the darn thing into the car; we don’t need to go on. But with a portable vacuum, you need only carry it outside and whip around the car in no time. 
  • Most of us have some sort of cleaning routine for our homes, and this typically involves vacuuming the floors several times a week. For some people, this is once or twice a day, depending on how messy things get. But throughout the day, you may have small spills, patches of crumbs where your toddler has eaten a biscuit, mud trodden in from outdoors and so forth. Having a portable vacuum makes this spot cleaning super quick and easy so that you can get on with your day.
  • When it comes to cleaning upholstery on the couch, pillows, and other fabrics, it can be tricky when using a larger appliance. Your portable vacuum makes light work of this without the need to mess around with attachments. 

Things To Think About When Buying A Mini Portable Vacuum

It may seem easy enough to purchase a portable vacuum cleaner and we certainly aren’t trying to teach you to suck eggs. However, there are several things that you may need to consider before making a final decision. Let’s take a look at these.

Running Time

Handheld portable vacuum cleaners are, for the most part, cordless and this means that they run on a battery. While you may only use your vacuum for spot cleaning, which doesn’t require a huge run time, there are occasions where longer cleaning may be needed. 

For example, if you are cleaning the car or all of the upholstery in your home. In this case, you are going to need something substantially longer than the 15 minute average run time of many portable vacuum cleaners. 

There are vacuums that have more generous running times but this is something that you should check before buying. Furthermore, if you are unable to find a portable vac that meets your needs, then you may need to think about going for a corded model instead. 


The last thing you want when you are completing long cleaning tasks is a bulky piece of equipment that weighs you down. Thankfully, many of the modern models are lightweight and easy to hold. 

With this in mind, you should also look at the grip on the handle and how comfortable the vacuum is to operate. On many handheld mini portable vacuums, the power switch is a trigger that needs to be held down while you work. This can be tiring on the fingers and particularly difficult for those with dexterity problems.


While a portable vacuum is typically diverse enough to clean most areas, it is always good to have a selection of attachments for spots that are very tricky to reach. For the smallest models, you may find that the attachments are limited but most will come with some sort of brush, nozzle or other accessories to boost your cleaning power. 

Dust Container

When you are cleaning, the last thing you want is to have to keep stopping to empty the dirt container. There is, unfortunately, no getting away from the fact that a portable vacuum is going to have a considerably smaller dust compartment than your regular vacuum but that doesn’t mean to say that it should be minute.

The larger the dust container, the less often you will need to stop to empty it. So, it is worth looking for one with a generous capacity. Furthermore, you should ensure that the container is easy to empty and doesn’t require opening any fiddly latches or fastenings. 


There is very little point in having a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t clean, therefore, it is vital to look at the power and how well the appliance performs. In terms of suction, vacuums are measured in kPA. This figure gives you an idea of the suction and for a portable vacuum you would expect anything between 5kPA and 12kPA. The higher the figure, the greater the suction power. 

Furthermore, the voltage or wattage of the vacuum is related to the power produced by the battery or motor, respectively, and this will tell you how powerful the appliance is. Again, the higher the number, the greater the power. If you want something that won’t let you down, go for as high a figure as you can find.

What Is The Best Mini Portable Vacuum?

The market is overwhelmed with products for cleaning and the mini portable vacuum is one of the most popular choices. But the sheer number of products means that there may be some that aren’t quite as favorable and this means that there is a risk of ending up with a vac that doesn’t perform as well as you had expected. 

But there is some good news. Here at Onson Vacuums, we have developed a range of portable vacuums that also work as a stick vacuum cleaner. Our collection of lightweight vacuums features a detachable section that turns your full-sized vacuum into something much more compact. These vacuums cleaners are ideal for day-to-day cleaning in tight spaces, spring cleaning, and even getting into those nooks and crannies in the car.

Moreover, if you want something compact that will do most of the work for you; perhaps in the tight space under the stairs or around the home office, our range of robot vacuum cleaners offer superior cleaning as well as being perfectly compact.


A mini portable vacuum cleaner is great for many reasons. These tiny machines allow you to clean up small messes around the home and in the office. They are also perfect for keeping in the car and for cleaning up stubborn pet hair. 

The mini portable vacuum comes in a variety of designs and sizes meaning that there is something for every need. However, before you make a purchase, it is always important to look at the features of each potential vacuum to make sure that it is suitable for your cleaning requirements. Once you know what you are looking for, our selection of the best mini portable vacuum cleaners is sure to have something you will love.

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